Supported Assets and Chains

Because phonon is agnostic of any blockchain, what's in a phonon doesn't matter. However, the phonon protocol supports any crypto-asset that uses the Secp256k1 signing curve.

Having that said, the following chains have asset validators developed outside of the protocol that can be used in the development of phonon-based applications.

EVM Chains

The following are EVM networks and their respective testnets:

  • Ethereum

    • Mainnet (Chain ID: 1)

    • Goerli Testnet (Chain ID: 5)

    • Kovan Test (Chain ID: 42)

  • Binance

    • Testnet (Chain ID: 97)

  • Avalanche

    • Fuji C-Chain (ChainID: 43114)

  • Polygon

    • Mumbai (ChainID: 80001)

  • Fantom

    • Testnet (ChainID: 4002)

  • Local Development

EVM Token Standards

The following token standards are support for all EVM networks:


Bitcoin chain is coming soon.

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