Phonon Roadmap


  • Proof of concept of phonon creation, transfer, and redemption

v0.0.1 pre-alpha

  • Phonon dev kit release

v0.1.0 alpha (test-net)

  • Phonon desktop client release

  • JumpBox based internet transfer

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v1.0.0 stable beta

  • One-way, single message transfer topology spec A paired down protocol spec that allows for one-way transfers without the previous secure channel implementation. This is meant to simplify the programming (and therefore surface area) of the backend phonon devices

  • Updated desktop client A newer, more thought out design than the previous one, allowing for a more straightforward interface that is more intuitive for the end-user

v1.1.0 open release

  • Fixes for issues that came up in the stable beta

  • NFC mobile client A client written for mobile devices to allow for phonon usage on-the-go utilizing the NFC interface instead of requiring a bulky card reader to handle phonon transactions and transfers

  • Pure peer-to-peer transfer Updated transfer methods that don't require the use of an intermediate service to handle sending and receiving phonons. Likely will be Bluetooth, with a backup based on encoding transfers into QR codes to be scanned by client devices

  • Phonon inbox service A service that acts as an intermediary between clients to allow for sending phonons to a user that is not online at the moment

v2.0.0 advanced features beta

  • Two-way atomic swap An additional transfer topology that allows for trading some phonons for others while minimizing counterparty risk and keeping within the security requirements

v2.1.0 advanced features release

  • Fixes for any issues that come up in stable beta

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