How the Protocol is Developed

The Phonon Protocol is developed in tandem with the GridPlus engineering team and contributors of the Phonon DAO. The team currently consists of:

Collaboration and conversations are primarily held in Discord. The core channels under TECHNICAL DISCUSSIONS will give you a clearer picture of what is currently be discussed and worked on. Our team is currently working on the development of the beta version of the Phonon Protocol.

This consists of developing the following sub-projects (each is linked to their respective GIT repo):

  • Phonon Core - This is the core implementation of the protocol.

  • JavaCard Applet - This is the software that runs on the Phonon Cards.

  • Phonon Client - This is the interface layer between Phonon Core and user experiences

  • Phonon Manager - This is the primary visual user experience to use the protocol

We use GitHub Projects for issue management. When the team agrees on a design system, the next steps are to scope out into issues for implementation, log them in our GitHub Project and delegate appropriately.

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